I Should share these

A couple of examples of quick experiments contact printing 4x5″ negs shot on the LUMEN residency. Each print is 8x11cm. The moonscapes are real, the planets are my creation. Each section is printed on a sheet of very expired photo paper from a manufacturer who was located in the “DDR”. I enjoy how these prints can be mixed and matched to build new combinations. There are about a dozen others, with more to come as I create more planets. Maquettes for larger prints???

Replacement Motor arrives

While shooting the planet models during the residency, a DC motor which was placing the object in a planetary orbital spin died (with a puff of smoke). I did manage to photograph a couple with a motorised rotation by rigging up a piece of string wound around the shaft, then pulling the string like a spinning top while the exposure was being made. While this (remarkably) worked, it was less than an ideal way of working. A £17 investment in a new motor needed to be made before more planets could be created.


Setting up the studio

In my application for the residency, I proposed the production of planetary-like sculptures that would then be photographed. The aim was to create images of imaginary worlds that find a borderline between reality and fiction.

It was emphasized that we should bring as much of the materials that we think we might need as possible. I brought a full suitcase of studio materials. Though I'm certain that something was forgotten.

Last night we were all allocated spaces based on a lottery. I somehow managed to get the exact space I was hoping for, with a window space where my models could potentially be photographed.