The Stars Look So Different Tonight - Fotogalerie Wien

Join me Monday January 28 for the opening of The Stars Look So Different Tonight at Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna where I will be exhibiting work from (l, b)≃(209°, -57°) Galactic Coordinates. The exhibition runs 29/01/ - 02/03/2019.

The chosen exhibition title The Stars Look So Different Tonight sees itself as a metaphor for "wondering", the starting point of the human thirst for knowledge. The collective artistic positions share the subjective approach to fundamental scientific questions as well as the investigation of perception processes and visualization strategies. In the poetic-sensory appropriation of scientific imagery with fictional or hyperreal productions and speculative laboratories, a new look at the familiar opens up. The objective-sober methods of the natural sciences are opposed by an experimental, sometimes playful approach, which grants the objects of investigation their ambivalence and their mystery. 


Remnants and Confessions, William Mokrynski & Julia Martin at the Lonsdale Gallery Toronto

Remnants & Confessions

September 5 - October 14, 2018

Opening reception: Saturday. September 8, 2 - 5pm

Lonsdale installation view 2018.png

Lonsdale Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs by Julia Martin and William Mokrynski.


Faceless portraits of anonymous subjects created from found negatives and curt ironic text-based works that mimic contemporary memes, question physical and digital legacy we leave behind.

Julia Martin's series "You Are Talking To Yourself" build narratives from fragments of images and text that are infused with a dark sense of humour. Her text-based work uses visual dissonance between text and imagery to tease out the multiple layers of meaning behind the words. Martin satirizes the format of the meme. Layering bold typeface over images to create, what the artists refers to as, 'anti-inspiration posters' that draw the viewer in with dark and caustic statements that stand in contrast the photograph's subject matter. 

William Mokrynski's "Cousins & Neighbours" and "WE" series both use found archives of studio negatives from the late 1950s. The artist masks the surface of the photographic paper in the darkroom, obscuring and at times almost completely erasing the faces of the subjects. Mokrynski is interested in the seemingly obsolete photographic negatives. The identities of the sitters has been lost. His photographs depict a visually striking and almost haunting cast of characters plucked from the pages of fiction. 

Together these two artists paint an unsettling picture of contemporary culture in an increasingly technocratic world.

Tacita Dean, Landscape - Royal Academy

The work speaks for itself. Interesting and beautiful. All chalk on slate. 

Exhibition runs until Aug 12


All too Human - Tate Britain

This exhibition of "painting life" from the past century was nourishment for my love of painting. A few snaps to share.

Daido Moriyama, Scene - Hamiltons Gallery, London

Moriyama goes Warhol. Silkscreen prints of Moriyama's work from the 60s and 70s on large canvas'.

Exhibition runs until Aug 17