William Mokrynski is a London based visual artist who has been working with photography most of his life. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, and is included in a variety of collections. He studied photography alongside new media at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in the 1990s, and later received an MFA in photography at the Edinburgh College of Art / University of Edinburgh. Sharing his lifetime of knowledge and passion about photography, Mokrynski has lectured and led workshops in 8 countries. While Mokrynski’s approach is often a hybrid of new and traditional photographic methods, his work is firmly rooted in the pre-digital realm, which he views as a highly plastic art.

As the world transitions further into the pixel age, a churn of discarded photographic negatives culled from vernacular and professional archives are in circulation. Mokrynski is interested in this seemingly obsolete photographic artefact. Often detached from context and meaning, the photographic image preserved in the negative is reduced to an anonymous visual sign. For Mokrynski, these lost shadows of the past are stanzas for the future. 

A monograph for (l, b)≃(209°, -57°) Galactic Coordinates, in collaboration with Lucie Award winning EYEMAZING publisher and curator Susan Zadeh, is in the works, along with a short experimental film with filmmaker Dennis Mohr, producer of photographic documentaries, Mugshot, Disfarmer: A Portrait of America, and Remembering Arthur.